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16 December


Московская область, г. Королев, Октябрьский бульвар, д. 10, СК «Вымпел»

Space Carnival - this is the most fun and enchanting costume race! Charge new year energy! The perfect place to close the running season!

Running program:

21.1 km - from 18 years old

10 km - from 16 years old

5 km - from 12 years old

Children's races:

800 m - 10-11 years old "Meteora"

800 m - 8-9 years old "Comets"

400 m - 6-7 years old "Rocket"

400 m - 4-5 years old "Stars"

400 m - 0-5 years "Suns" - a fan race without fixing time.

We are preparing for you:

Items on the highway with water, isotonic, dried fruit and warm tea

New Year's starting town

Warm locker rooms and storage room

Individual timing

Beautiful medals to all finishers

The charge of New Year's energy from DJ PsyTer and host Vasily Chebotarev

Hot meals and at the finish

Carnival costume contest

You can run without a suit, but if you never ran in the image, then it's time to fix it! Show your imagination, think up an original costume and light it on our carnival!

Route: traditionally passes along the central avenue of Korolev and adjacent streets.

21.1 km - 3 circles, 10 km - 2 circles

Адрес стартового городка: 

г. Королев, Октябрьский бульвар, д. 10, СК «Вымпел»


Как добраться на общественном транспорте из Москвы:

  • На электричке: от Ярославского вокзала до станции Подлипки Дачные (~35 мин.), далее на автобусе №1 или №3 до остановки «Стадион» или пешком от станции по ул. Калинина, далее мимо сквера Покорителей космоса, вдоль центрального парка по ул. Октябрьская, до стадиона Вымпел (~10 мин).
  • На автобусе: от м. ВДНХ (первый вагон из центра) автобус №576 до г. Королев до остановки «Стадион» (~25 мин.)

Schedule issuing starter packs:

December 14 and December 15 from 11:00 to 20:00 at the MEGASPORT Equipment Center
Address: Moscow, Pushkinskaya metro station, Pushkinskaya Square, 1, building of the newspaper "Izvestia",
The entrance is from the ToDaSo sushi bar, 2nd floor.

December 16 from 09:10 to 11:30 in the starting town
Address: Korolev, Oktyabrsky Boulevard, 10, Vympel Sports Center

Space Carnival program
09:00 Opening of the launch camp
09:10 Start of issuing starter packs
10:45 Completion of the issuance of starter packs for distances of 0.4 km and 0.8 km
10:50 Warm-up for distances of 0.4 km and 0.8 km
11:00 Start of the race 0.4 km
11:20 Start of the race 0.8 km
11:30 Completion of the issuance of starter packs for distances of 5 km, 10 km, 21.1 km
11:50 Warm-up for distances of 5 km, 10 km, 21.1 km
12:00 Start of the races 5 km, 10 km, 21.1 km
13:00 Start of awarding winners
15:00 Closing distance 21.1 km
16:00 Closing start

Nominations for the carnival costume contest
Costumes for adults:
🚀 "Dreamed of becoming an astronaut, and became a marathon" - any costumes on a space theme.
👽 "I am a Stranger at this Cosmic carnival" - any costumes of unearthly creatures
😎 "Star in shock" - any costumes of famous personalities
😁 "You are my superhero" - men's suits of any superheroes
М "Mr. Villain" - men's suits of any negative characters
😍 "Superhero Girlfriend" - women costumes of good characters
😈 "Former superhero" - female costumes of negative characters
👮 "Whom I want to be in the New Year" - any carnival costumes
🎅 "New Year is coming" - any New Year's costumes

Children's suits:
👽 "Alien Guest" - any costumes of incredible creatures and robots
✨ "They are taken as cosmonauts" - any costumes on a space theme
👑 "When I grow up, I will ..." - any carnival costumes
😍 "Fabulous creation" - any costumes of famous characters of fairy tales, cartoons and comics
👦 "Ready for the New Year!" - New Year's costumes for boys
👧 "Ready for the New Year!" - New Year's costumes for girls

Collective costumes:
🐷🐷🐷 "We are a gang!" - teams in the same costumes.
🐭🐸🐰 "Hello, we are from ...." (fairy tales, film, comics, etc.) - teams in costumes of different characters, united by one theme
😻🙀😺 "Incredible family" - family costumes adults + children, united by one theme.
👯👯 "Lovebirds" - any pair of costumes (Chip and Dale, Knight and Horse, Father Frost and Snow Maiden, Coffee and Cookie)

Costume Contest Rules
It is necessary during the event to come up in a suit with your starting number to the special press wall
Costume Contest, where you will be photographed and recorded a nomination in which you participate.
Each costume can participate in only one nomination.
After the event, we will hold an open vote in social networks for all costumes and nominations.
Favorites determine the end of the New Year holidays.
All winners will receive nice gifts and bonuses from the Space Marathon

дистанции забега
000 10
000 20
Бег 10 км.
000 10
Бег 5 км.
Race pack of participant


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