Costume contest Space Carnival

Friends, a little more than a month is left to #SpaceCarnival, and we present you the nominations for carnival costumes!

Costumes for adults:
Меч "Dreamed of becoming an astronaut, and became a marathon" - any costumes on a space theme.
👽 "I am a Stranger at this Cosmic carnival" - any costumes of unearthly creatures
😎 "Star in shock" - any costumes of famous personalities
😁 "You are my Superhero" - men's suits of any superheroes
М "Mr. Villain" - men's suits of any negative characters
😍 "Superhero Girlfriend" - women costumes of good characters
😈 "Former superhero" - female costumes of negative characters
👮 "Whom I want to be in the New Year" - any carnival costumes
🎅 "New Year is coming" - any Christmas costumes

Children's suits:
🤖 "Alien Guest" - any costumes of incredible creatures and robots
✨ "They are taken as cosmonauts" - any costumes on a space theme
👑 "When I grow up, I will ..." - any carnival costumes
🦄 "Fabulous creation" - any costumes of famous characters of fairy tales, cartoons and comics
👦 "Ready for the New Year!" - New Year's costumes for boys
👧 "Ready for the New Year!" - New Year's costumes for girls

Collective costumes:
🐷🐷🐷 "We are a gang!" - teams in the same costumes.
🐭🐸🐰 "Hello, we are from ...." (fairy tales, film, comics, etc.) - teams in costumes of different characters, united by one theme
😻🙀😺 "Incredible family" - family costumes adults + children, united by one theme.
Н "Lovebirds" - any pair of costumes (Chip and Dale, Knight and Horse, Father Frost and Snow Maiden, Coffee and Cookie)

❕❗❕Now a little about the rules of the competition.
This time everything will be grown-up 😏 There are already more than 1000 participants, so it’s just not enough time to pay attention to all the costumes at the event. Therefore, in order to take part in the competition, you need to come up in a suit with your starting number to the special press wall "Costume Contest", where you will be photographed and recorded the nomination in which you participate. Each costume can participate in only one nomination. After the event, we will hold an open vote in social networks for all costumes and nominations. Favorites we define before the end of the New Year holidays. All winners will receive nice gifts and bonuses from the Space Marathon 🎁

And the beautiful numbers were won by subscribers who sent the nomination "Whom I want to be in the New Year" and "Super Family / Incredible Family". Contact us in personal messages 👏

Photo: Alexander Skomorokhov

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